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Tiger Gray is a Pacific Northwest urban fantasy author who spends his/zir time being a giant Seattle stereotype. That is, reading poetry and walking in the rain, always with a cup of fantastic coffee in hand. Tiger is a shameless clothes whore, obsessive food nerd, and reluctant activist. Tiger has been an avid role-player and gamer zir whole adult life, which has influenced zir fiction for the better.

As a transgendered and disabled author, Tiger finds zirself writing about identity as a core theme, as well as survival and the limits of both morality and the human spirit. Tiger draws on zir interest in and knowledge of forensic and criminal psychology to fuel zir works, often delving into dark and challenging subjects within the speculative fiction framework. Tiger uses a cinematic and lyrical style to tell tales about the outcasts, misfits, psychopaths, and survivors that populate zir pages.

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Avery Teoda is a trans writer of color living in Seattle. He was born on the West Coast and raised in Arkansas before bouncing all over the country, eventually landing in the Pacific Northwest. By day, he's an English teacher, by night a gamer, and on the weekends, he writes on the ferry. He draws from his own struggles finding identity and voice to write characters who are just trying to find a place in the world. He writes because he has things to say and because he believes fiction can be transformative.

Any resemblance to persons living or dead is on purpose, but don’t worry, it probably isn’t you.

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