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Hard Limits Press challenges convention by providing some of the best boundary testing speculative fiction out there.

Featuring novel length works devoted to content freedom, a Hard Limits book is sharp, intelligent, and fresh.

Whether delighting with magic or horrifying with the depths of human behavior, these twisted tales are not for the nervous.

No Deadly Thing

No Deadly Thing

A Twisted Tree Novel

By Tiger Gray

Ashrinn Pinecroft has spent a lifetime trying to forget his mixed family’s expulsion from his native Iran, so much so that he finds himself halfway across the world, having made a career out of the American elite anti-terrorist unit, Delta Force.

When a sniper’s bullet and a worsening mental illness cut that career short, Ashrinn will do anything to feel useful.

Even believe in magic.

The Zoroastrian myths his mother entertained him with as a child have found new, twisted life in the streets of Seattle, and he has a central role to play whether he likes it or not. Ashrinn must use his newfound divine powers to save the Pacific Northwest from an evil snake handling cult, a cult hell bent on sacrificing him to their demon god.

With a group of ragtag comrades including a half crazy werewolf, a psychic sniper, and his equally blessed best friend and former Delta teammate at his side, Ashrinn will do everything he can to combat the corruption eating away at his new home.

Yet sometimes, the greatest horror imaginable and the things held most dear are one and the same, and corruption is not so easily spotted when it hits close to home.

This book can be read as a stand alone title, but it is a companion work to The Wicked Instead.

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